Refining The Way We Think
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Sometimes the act of giving up is not to be painted by guilt, by shame, by selfishness, or by other man-manufactured hoaxes... but rather it is an action to prevent the possibility to turn ourselves into the martyrs of ourselves because of the others.
They say:
-"jesus, through his sacrifice, saved mankind from all sins!"-
Can we see the stupidity in this statement ?
Can we see the total lack of observation and the tremendous amount of profound ignorance & egoism that springs out from this idea as the blood of all the billions who have cried and died in 2000 years after a sacrifice of a single person ?
I would like to invite those who keep proclaiming this idea of salvation from all sins whatsoever ... I would like to invite them to have a conversation with all of those people who died, who have been tortured, abused, raped and killed because of the sacred roman empire, because of the conquistadors in the new world, because of the holy inquisition, because or the crusaders and the oppression of a belief system ...just to mention some...

Even jesus himself, when he was about to die, (no matter if he was real, a bit schizophrenic or if it has been just a motivational novel given to people so to rise up a bit the mood of the galilean people who were at that time suppressed by the romans),
...he said:
-"they do not know what they are doing"-...

and it seems to me that in more than 2000 years people all over this planetary ball still not know what they are doing, thinking or preaching..

Sometimes the act of giving up is an act of total understanding
'cause the mind liberates itself from all missions, meaning and high purposes in life...
and what can possibly come next is psychological freedom, no more self martyrdom.

Before marking what's above, stupidly, as evil ...
think a bit ore profoundly about these things...



The worshipper becomes inexorably what he worships and what one worships is merely the refractivity of his past, beliefs and background:
the false picture of what life is supposed to be which is, in truth, what life is not.
The act of worshipping is entirely activated by the need to achieve a sort of gratification... intimately and collectively..
but unfortunately it destroys natural intelligence and its evolution:
there can't be evolutionary progress in the mind of the worshipper: just psychological stagnation.

Whatever we worship, whether money, a god, a divine path, a supreme truth, a spiritual model of life... it is a mere intoxicant for the psyche,
...then it becomes cultural, first sectarian then religious then istitutional and then it conquers the collective memories destroying psychological progress ..
and that's exactly the reason why the technological progress maybe arises..
but the progress of the mind remains stable at the zero point... and nowadays, as we can see, it decreases dramatically...

Considering that the big is extention of the small with no separation, then the cult of something greater than our self is nothing but a miserable and stupid form of ignorance painted by sacredness:

If an atom worships the molecule...
then the atom cares no more on its existential presence which requires total presence: it is no longer existentially attentive:
therefore there wont be molecules, nor atoms.


When the mind is free from methods then the mind is no longer conflictual against itself:
the veil between the conscious (which is the unconscious) and the unconscious (which is the real conscious) gets more and more thinned.. up to the point in which it evaporates..
then the mind sees for the first time.

When a totally free mind observes its psychological future..
the psychological future such a mind sees is immeasurable,
there's no more encapsulation,
no more missions,
it's pathless,
it's beyond all archetypes
the mind is anew;
beyond time...
beyond confusion,
beyond existential self sabotages..
beyond fear:
it's the end of identity:
the mind sleeps no more.

When identity dies, then the whole nebula of psychological pettiness comes to an end.

The end of fear represents the second flowering of innocence in life..
but this time innocence takes place in form of total freedom from what we have been accumulating along the whole history of the individual and of mankind itself.

As long there is history, there is accumulation..
( family, the generations, the stupid pride for my country, the goods I possess, the values I protect you, my iron identity... and all the decadent psychological flags that I lift up every morning after every heavy "awakening" ...all of these things are mere accumulation : psychological oldness.. )

As long there is accumulation the mind gets absorbed by that accumulation..
As long the mind gets absorbed by the accumulation mind itself created..
the process of thinking is perpetually working through the accumulation:
there can't be edification of the future if not through the act of shaping the future on, by and through models of the past.

History must come to an end.

The end of history is the return to innocence.
Not innocence intended as a baby with the thumb in his mouth..
but rather like a mind the structures of which are no longer present:
totally disintegrated..

The history of men is not just a long chain of causes and effects...
but rather, by watching the human history with profound intelligence, the history of men is the history of identification & intellectualization in man-manufactured dogmas, illusions and collective hallucinations..

This kind of history must come to an end..
and the beginning of the end must take place right within one's mind..

Then the real story of man can finally begin.. for the first time.

The end of history is the end of fear..
'cause the end of history is the end of all identification with the known..

When history ends, what comes next is just our story.. a story anew..
The history of which we have been deprived... internally and globally

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First of all I would like to talk about respect (since you mentioned the matter of respect)
What is respect ?
Are we sure that the tendency and consequential value of respect is a natural tendency?

I assume that it must be tremendously important to face intelligently this delicate topic: it is indeed absolutely important to fully understand our attitude toward respect and even the mere intellectual concept of it:

Indeed most of the time, for most of the people, respect is merely a psycho-behavioral dogmatic routine:
there is, often, an act of partial thinking in the mental environment of respect.. isn't it true?
When we think at the psychological posture of respect.. we often think partially...

We must admit to ourselves that we feel this partiality when we think and act in order to respect other people and ideas.. other beliefs and behaviors...
especially when they are not respectfull with us..

There is partiality, nor full understanding... and so often the act of respecting something or someone brings us frustration...

Please: I'm asking you to be deeply focused in this communication otherwise we will end up in a total, and unfortunately so easy, misunderstanding..

By inquiring in the word itself: respect (r- expect) it's clear how the act of respecting implies and requires an expectation=
Respecting = Reproducing expectations.

Indeed most of the time the matter of the attitude of respect is all about the attitude to match external expectations:

For example:
"I' m christian: you should respect me"

This, (behind the curtain), means:
"I'm conditioned by this belief:
you should respect my belief which is nothing but the abstract wall between me (as a conditioned thinker) and you as another thinker"...

Can you see the dark side of respect ?
And what it implies ?
Consciously it sounds and appears as a positive value ...
Unconsciously it appears like what it really is:
an act of separation, fragmentation, putting borders ..therefore an act of violence !
An act aimed to protect our illusory barriers...
and ultimately and act of violence ...

I know it sounds very paradoxical & controversial...
but look at this matter:
where there is the need of respect... there there are always conflicts...

I mean:
the need of respect exists because of the conflicts...
as like the need of spirituality exists because of confusions...
or the need of laws exists because of wild, messy tribalism among people...

Again: we seek and we want respect as that solution that can establish some peace right ?
...And this seems to be a positive achievement...

But we constantly ignore the fact in which respect exists because of the conflicts...
and therefore we focus our mind toward the value of respect ... ignoring the real roots of the conflict.. therefore avoiding the total understanding of the reason why conflicts take place...

Do you understand ?
This happens intimately..
as like privately in our relationships with partners, family, friends and so on.. as like it happens socially and politically..
as like it always happened all along the millenia of history of mankind..

In this way, by respecting this and that, we go nowhere:
it's running to stand still..
accumulating pressure and confusions...
and therefore:
the more we respect other beliefs...
the more we disrespect ourselves as free thinkers..
up to the point in which we create new conflicts within...
then explosions outward...
as like it always happened historically...

Respect is irrelevant in the field where the mind is totally understood..
I repeat:
when there is total understanding of our psyche, then respect is important no more !

It is like money in another planet, the civilization of which is extremely intelligently advanced:
money are ridiculous, useless, irrelevant...
and so is respect...

I prefer to be concentrated in the total understanding of the mind...
rather than covering up confusions with the label and mask of respect (plus so many other masks)...

This doesn't mean that we should fight ... no, no, not at all !!!
(please do not misunderstand)...

The end of respect doesn't represent the beginning of fight:
this would be primitively idiotic...

The end of respect means exactly the opposite:
the end of all fights.. therefore the end of fear...

'cause where respect is no longer important...
peace, intelligence and total understanding rule mind and communities...
the intimate universe and the social one..
and the wholeness of our communication and relationships with everything..

then real civilization begins..

The more we focus our psyche toward total understanding and less toward "respect this and that"..
the more the mind changes turning into the lighthouse of self-liberation..

Even the brain's cells will change .. setting up a new human brain..
a liberated mind..
and a future mankind !

Do you understand ?


A major trick of the human mind is to be found in the reality in which the human psyche tends to recall more 'negative' memories rather then 'positive' ones...
This happens 'cause the intellectual perception of fear is more dense and intense than the perception of joy;
'cause during a moment of joy, whatever joy is, we are not interested to activate any intellectual decoding aimed to verbalized, to encapsulate and to define what joy is: the mind is just experiencing joy with no verbalization, nor time, neither the fear to lose something (including joy itself)...
During joy the mind doesn't care about 'positivity'.. right ?

While during fear and psychological discomfort (superficially known as 'negativity') the mind is totally dominated by the intellectualization of fear and discomfort (and that's why fear is more intense than joy):
it's radical, cemented intellectualization.

The urge of positivity exists because of negativity..
To throw our psyche into positive illusions is to escape the possible total and profound inquiry in the real roots of negativity in the human psyche and society.
The need of positivity, which comes from negativity, if it is taken with no intelligent investigation regarding the totality of the psychological behaviors.. is an act of hebetude:
it's a self sabotage that sets us into prisoners of positive lifestyles to follow... of certain psychological postures...
of a constant evasion made by evanescent thoughts...
up to profound stupidity and even madness sometimes...

Mind that negative and positive are mere labels of the conditioned mind...
A memory is a memory: regardless of the fact in which it recalls a possible trauma or a moment of joy:
it's just and it still a memory: a data in the mind...
It's up to us how to react to that data.

Indeed the big amount of our psychological troubles doesn't come from the 'negative' data... not at all:
it comes from the way we react to that data..
and if that way is the way of confusion..
then the hunger for a positive way of thinking will rise within the psyche...
setting us into dogmatic prisoners of positivity... filled by roles, blindness and need of daily positive drugs...
The thinker is not positive or negative:
the thinker doesn't care about labels,
nor about psychological postures in life:
he just cares about the total understanding of the networking in the mind...
and about the dismantling of what is crappy..

The thinker is not interested in positivity;
he is interested in thinking in a totally free way


When we are very fragile, marooned, lost in depression and desperation.. what we watch and seek the most is salvation...
no matter what kind or sort of salvation:
we want the way out and this seems to make perfect sense...

But what we forget is the reality in which the need of salvation exists because of the desperation..
and when the salvation doesn't concern a tangible situation but merely an existential and psychological experience of life and mind...
then the act of ignoring the very real roots of our desperation ..(rather than being totally focused toward the possible salvation)... makes us as blind slaves of any form of salvation, hoax or not, that will knock at our psychological and existential doors.. whether is spiritual, motivational, religious, identitarian, nationalistic, political, social or simply in form of drugs...

The situation in which we do not inquire in the very real roots of our existential desperation.. profoundly, calmly, intelligently... is the bridge that will drag us into the condition in which we will become the subject of an external prompter of (no matter what ) a sort of salvation whatsoever... a
nd that's the moment in which we have lost our psychological integrity and independence (forever an ever sometimes).

To push all sort of external pseudo-existential salvation away is to observe the wholeness of our psychology and our psycho perceptiveness...
and if we do that, what comes next is the flowering of mental freedom

The Jesus Complex
from Orientation book Vol 2 and 3