Refining The Way We Think
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Hosted   By   Diego Fontanive

The uniqueness that characterises this podcast is represented by its deeply controversial topics and the critical ways in which they are approached.

Let’s cut straight into these very difficult topics without the use of any belief systems or fallacious-based explanatory framework of analysis. Throw out the conspiracy theories, spiritual or ‘New Age’ ideas, rhetorical or motivational advice, political positions, ideologies, sensationalism, polemical view-points or deliberately shaped but merely subjective controversies.

This podcast is about enjoying logicality in reality:

The promotion and implementation of high order thinking skills and critical approaches often referred to yet not fully implemented in current educational systems. Deductive approaches to salient elements that characterise the life and cognition of us all.

The development of deductive discussions aimed to support the mission.

Implementation of personal multi-logical thinking skills. Promotion and application of solid criticalness and accurate reasoning.

Note: May the listener be prepared to feel 'offended' and reconsider the pillars of their reasoning
The Main Topics Will Include:

- Action     - Affection     - Aggression      - Aloneness     - Ambition     - Anger     
 - Applied Deep Mind    - Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Stupidity And
   Artificial Consciousness       - Attachment       - Attention       - Authority
- Awareness       - Becoming       - Belief       - Biases       - Boredom       - Brain
- Change       - Comfort       - Compassion And Goodness       - Concentration     
- Conditioning       - Conflict       - Confusion       - Consciousness And Selfplex     - Cooperation And Compatibility       - Community And Memeplex
- Creativity    - Critical Thinking And Metacritical Thinking       - Death
- Deductive Versus Inductive Thinking       - Denial And Confirmation Bias     
- Dependency       - Desire       - Destruction       - Discontent       - Distraction
- Division      - Doubt      - Dunning Krueger Effect (‘The Confident Idiot’)
- Education And Metaeducation       - Emotions       - Emptiness       
- Epistemic Acceptances & Logical Fallacies       - Equality    - Escape     
- Evolution And Adaptation       - Experience       - Facts      - Fear
- Feelings        - Fragmentation       - Freedom       - Freedom Of Speech       
- Gossip       - Gurus And Cults       - Habits   - Happiness   - Health       
- Honesty  - Humanity Versus Mankind      - Human Rights       - Humility   
- Identification   - Ideology      - Illusion       - Images based thinking       
- Imitation        - Intellect    - Intelligence     - Joy    - Knowledge     
- Learning Versus Understanding        - Listening       - Love And Memes        
- Memes, Memetics And  Metamemetics       - Memetic Imprinting And
  Memetic Infections            - Metacognition and Metametacognition       
- Metaignorance        - Mind And  Theory Of The Mind     - Morality   
- Multilogical Thinking      -Naming And Verbalising      - Observation       
- Order     - Passion     - Peace      - Perception     - Pleasure       
- Political Correctness       - Problems       - Psychological noise     
- Psychological Security       - Reality       - Rationality       - Relationship       
- Religion       - Responsibility       - Science And Pseudoscience   
- Self-Centered Natural Selfishness   - Self-Esteem     - Self-Education     
- Sensation     - Sensitivity      - Skepticism      -Sex      - Society      - Stupidity       
- Success         - Thinking And Thought      - Time (Chronological And 
   Psychological Time)        - Tolerance      - Tradition    - Train of thoughts     
- Trust      - Truth      - Violence

-Curiosity       -Knowing       -Superstitions       -Humour
-Keeping The Light Mood         -Positivity / Negativity
- Black White Right Wrong       -Being Right / Wrong
-Punishment / Rewards (Operant Conditioning In Learning Processes And


This is a prototype / example of how the EOF Podcast ''THE SERIOUS THINKING'' will look and sound like. The topics approached along this 20 minutes discussion cover contents like *Polarization *Taking Positions *The Illusion Of Free Thought *Identification *Beliefs *Free Speech VS Right To ''Offend'' and *Digital Self-Esteem. Enjoy👂👂👂!​​
This conversation contains very important points, not quite because of what the speakers say but because of the contents and the topics that are investigated. This material & approaches will be used via webinars lectures and Q/A in some psychology classes throughout a collaboration between EOF Project and some university departments. The goals focus on applying innovative cognitive programs and approaches aimed to improve critical intelligence among the candidates (and obviously produce data collection).

Among the topics:

_ When we have patterns we don't quite like, assuming we are aware of such patterns, then why do such patterns continue to exist in the mind and behavioral psychology?
_ What is the difference between a habit and a ritual?
_ What's making them persist? Is it because they give us a sense of psychological security? If so what is that security all about really? Is that really security? And does that sense of psychological security we carry carries some unquestioned epistemic or existential authority?
_ Can there be psychological security with no authority?