Refining The Way We Think
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On Meditation


Many researches took place in order to investigate in the benevolent effects meditation can create among men in a determined range of community..
It seems that, regardless of the debunking and the idiocies on the web, meditation sometimes can produce some sort of collective benefit.

Now: the inquiry above, which is unintelligently over-speculated nowadays, (particularly within the new age scenario), implies various and significant investigations and questions..

So, intelligently, regarding this matter, we have to consider the following points so to activate some dissolution of the mist around the topic ''meditation yes - meditation not'' :

1) First of all, by supposing that what's above perhaps is true or maybe half-true; then it doesn't change the circumstance in which no form of meditation can ever bring about radical understanding of human psychological confusion ... 'cause the understanding of confusion implies acts of thinking radically while meditation is merely self-control ..

2) All attempts to establish some sort of peace through, barely, inactivity of men in their ambient, obviously leads to a decreasing of the problems that usually take place in that specific ambient.

3) Does meditation, which is actually an act of shooting down the mind, bring about expansion of intelligence ?
The answer is not:
the level of intelligence of the meditator remains exactly the same before and after the meditative practice..

4) The problem however is that we cannot meditate 24/7 , as well after the meditation everything comes back as it was before whether confusion, conditioning's, discomfort, eroding areas within our conditioned psychology..

5) Meditation doesn't lead to profound understanding simply because meditation (again) requires self-mind control while intense understanding is exactly the opposite of psychological control.

6) Therefore, regarding the whole meditation-thing, and regardless of the eventual real or half-real benefits it may creates:
it's obvious that we have merely two options:

a) Considering that the more one meditates, the more possible benefits such person can create.. then we meditate all the time or at least covering a large amount of our daily living, but considering that, technically, during meditation intelligence and its possible evolution is not at work, then, most likely, we will sink into a future world & life of self-control (which many social benefits perhaps) but no psychological progress.. caging the whole sum of psychological problems into a pressurized mental box is suspended animation but with any act of wholly understanding and dismantling those problems..

b) Thinking with no control so to evolve psychological progress through which facing all psychological mess brick after brick so to target a possible level of future intelligence able to detect, completely understand and erase all mental confusion..

The first option is easy .. but it's like going to sleep ..
The second is hard and individual .. It's like getting out of the comfortable bed ..

7) There is no relationship between meditation and evolutionary intelligent understanding of the mind (also known as ''wisdom'') 'cause meditation implies control and 'not-thinking' while evolutionary intelligence and radical understanding of our own psyche implies ... evolutionary intelligence and radical understanding of our own psyche itself.
Meditation cannot result in expansion of intelligence:
there can be a significant increasing of the cerebral activity situated in the perceptive field of the brain.. but it doesn't become wholly psychological remaining confined in itself, as like a conditioned intellect (another part of the brain) or a conditioned mnemonic field (another part of the brain) remain confined in the limbo they themselves created because of their conditioning's..

8) A psycho-existential problem exists as long as the mind desires its solution.
Only an intense and hard act of thinking about the problem without the thought tied up to the desire of finding out its solution can wholly decode and dismantle the psychological problem ..
Meditation has not psychological technology to accomplish such an immense act of self intelligence the human mind requires so to evolve itself..

9) Regardless of the positive outcomes, meditation is forcing the evolutionary cerebral nature of the brain..

10) Intense processes of thinking, which is self-elevated intelligence, results in act of nourishing the evolutionary cerebral nature of the brain through a manner through which the brain and mind can finally evolve elevating themselves out of the swamp of mental conditioning's from which meditation itself, by itself alone, cannot escape..

Think about these things



It is not violence to be the opposite of goodness but rather goodness itself brings about violence 
'cause it shapes the whole mind into a mental telescope willing to see only what it wishes to see..
(which is the typical condition of he who wants to think positive),
therefore creating a dramatic separation between its conditioned vision of goodness and the rest of the 
wholeness of reality in both the worlds: the psychological one and the physical one..
The opposite of violence and the opposite of goodness ..
is expanding intelligence
because the mind no longer thinks or is stuck in psychological duality polarity at war with each other thinking


The perception of fault, ''to be wrong'', among ''modernity'' and society in general..
is that ''hidden psychological glue'' of conditioning's that each society, especially if moralistically based and shaped, installs into the brain along an individual's life
so to push the psyche toward directions of ''good social living'' and ''goodness psycho-behavioral personalities'' which are exactly the conditions in which each insane social system wants us to be.. 

As long the mind is occupied with issues such as ''Am I wrong ? -- Am I right ? -- Am I doing good enough ?--'' ...
the mind is everlastingly distracted by those things (the fuel of which is comparison which consequentially leads to psychological disturbance, suffering and even mental illness) .. 

There cannot be a radical understanding of our psychological life in this insane position of living and ''thinking'' .. 'cause the whole mind is involved in this kind of psychological fever whatsoever that makes us spinning around for nothingness no matter if when among people or when we struggle alone with the abstract idea of people running & ruling our conditioned brain..

No society, nor system, neither belief, want to see radical understanding among their members, followers, manikins or worshipers ...