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 On Gurus

Why do you need a guru?
Why does a person require a guru?
Have you ever investigated in this weird need?
So, first of all who is the guru?
Surely the guru is not the person who teaches you how to use the computer: that's a teacher.
And surely the guru is not the person who indicates you the path to reach the valley, or the direction to the shelter, or the tips you need in general:
that person is merely a prompter.

The guru cannot be your friend: the friend is already identified as a friend.
And he cannot be your partner: the partner is already labeled as a partner.
And he cannot be a member of your family: he is already verbalized as a member of the family.

So who is the guru?
The guru is that abstract person, the history of which is what you have been told about that person, who is supposed to lead you to the 'truth' by giving you a model of living, a lifestyle, certain informations regarding how life is supposed to be lived.
"Abstract" because you usually know very little about that person...
That person appears, preaches something, shows himself in a certain way, having a certain posture of the body, the voice and his psychology (often pre-programmed).. and then he disappears..

But the question is:
why do you seek for a guru?
Let's inquire in the dynamics of this need.. the psychological mechanics that lies behind the searching for a guru..
If you are totally immersed in a very bad existential situation.. then you do not care about any guru, not at all:
what you care the most is to get out of that situation.. desperately.. in all possible ways.. or simply succumb...

If, instead, you are not involved in a total drama then you have certain forms of superficial gratifications, ...i do not know:
maybe your new iPhone, or your make up, or your friends the saturday night, or your cats, successful examinations at the university, your partner and so on... but you sense and feel that this is just the surface... therefore you want a deeper gratification, a deeper satisfaction, so you begin a searching for someone who will suggest you tips toward that "higher achievement".

Look at that:
in truth you seek someone who tell you where the truth is, but the primary truth is that you seek for the truth because you are confused and that's the main and only truth you should see, inquire in and dismantle from within.

The guru, each guru, exists because of the followers.. which means:
a guru appears where there is confusion..
as like each form of spiritual hunger takes place where the psychological and social field (where that mystical need appears) is seriously messed up.
Where there's no confusion in the mind there's no need of any guru whatsoever.

the question -"why do you seek for a guru"- implies another hidden question :
-"why do I refuse to inquire in the circumstance in which the reason why I seek for the guru takes place because of my confusions ?"-..

and this question implies again another even more hidden issue which is:
-"what are the roots of my confusions ?"-
and even this question implies another more and more deep question that sounds like:
-"what is the way I react to my confusions and their roots?"-

You see?
The person who can answer to all of these issues..
the only person who can open, one by one the psychological matrioska... is you, you yourself, not the guru..
because the guru perhaps suggests you motivational tips to adopt a kind of wiser lifestyle whatsoever... maybe by giving you some informations about higher realities,
maybe by teaching you a new form of meditation or maybe by simply installing into your mind the idea that just the action of being close with the guru will make you like him...
but in truth the guru, whoever he is, whatever he says, knows nothing concerning your inner psychological mechanisms that create your way you react to your existential problems.

Why are you so ambitious to find out a whatsoever shape of supreme truth ? Why do you struggle to be superior?

You see?
you are living now, here... this is you!
Look at yourself: this is you, not the picture of what you want to be !
Can you realize how,.. while you want existential success and you cover your mind by tons of misty spiritual ambitions to escape your confusions, .. you actually nourish your confusion itself..
Because you create and feed that usual conflict between "how things are now" and "how I would like to see things tomorrow"..
In this way your future is merely possessed, invaded and addicted to the expectations and the ambitions manufactured in your past.. and in this way you, you and your guru, will drag the past into the future repeating the same stupid story over and over again... searching for the truth.. praying for time..

Your guru is the matrioska that contains your need to escape from the honest and total understanding of your fears:
the guru and your escape are the same thing.

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