Refining The Way We Think
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The following are articles from our Orientation books specifically written about depression. The first Orientation is our response from a private letter of a person struggling with depression.
Regarding your depression and pain: the main reason for it is to fully understand your psychological pain, and for you to avoid radically distractions...
So i'm asking you, as you read on what is to follow, please do the best you can to avoid all distractions and by distraction I mean:
do not read ...and simultaneously think at the comparison with your thoughts linked to your past or with other useless thoughts:
be focused on what you read and keep your 'psychological compass' stable.
Here i'm not talking spiritually, nor scientifically, nor philosophically but practically.

So: you want to get rid of depression which to many feels like a 'hell' ...
and you admit to yourself that such a hell comes from the addiction you have to your thoughts ..right ?
So obviously the matter is to understand that addiction rather than the thoughts to which you are addicted.
So i'm asking you this: have your ever thought about the possibility on what you call depression might be something else ?
What i mean by that is ?

Try to do your best to not think through distractions: push away distraction, sadness, the conditioning coming from your enviroment, your past and other potential contaminators away !
Try it ... take a few minutes to focus yourself if you need ... but try it.
Push all distraction away whether if emotional or intellectual..

Now think about these things:

You said you spent 15 years of your life trying to escape your suffering 'cause your pain gives and gave you anxiety... always.
But you also said that nothing ever worked no matter if you tried spiritual approaches, medical ones, intellectual ones or whatever else.. right ?
Again: the mental movements and the mind-rape you do to yourself do not come from the state of depression... but from the fact you always tried to escape it for 15 years...
Indeed you talk at your pain as an individual entity... something who follows you and followed you all of your life... isn't it true ?
So the ghost of depression follows you constantly and constantly you tries to escape it... even by fomenting suicidal thoughts in your mind as the ultimate attempt to escape psychological pain...

And also i tell you that the real reason of your pain is your relationship with your depression and your relationship with your depression, (which is what you nourish every single day since you wake up in the morning), is all calibrated to the willingness to escape... right ?
It's from the need to escape that your anxiety and pain come from ... not from your depression... because your depression is a an information your mind is suggesting you ...
an information that tells you your still emotionally alive !

Do you understand this ?
Your depression is a 'fever' your mind uses to inform you that your still emotionally, existentially and mentally alive !
You have to fully understand this because this is the pillar of your psychological life.

So ... have you ever thought and watched at the possibility to embrace your depression rather than escaping it ?
Stay with your depression !
Talk with your depression.
Understand peacefully the wholeness of its psychological movements and attitudes ... its shadows and mirrors...
And do not allow the psychological ghost of your parents/society , nor the meomories of your past traumas, to enter your private, intimate and intense communication with your depression.

If you establish a total communication with your depression, then pain and anxiety will disappear like dry leafs at the wind !
As well all suicidal thought will reveal how silly they are..
You will see, during the conversation with your depression, when your depression comes... and if that communication is profoundly pure and free of all conditioning's... there will be even space to laugh ! ... you and your depression... talking about your mutual story... laughing !

For example: even the word itself is funny:
it means "no longer pressure"

Surely what you need is not an escape: do not escape anymore !
Ignore all spiritual archetypes that are there only to put mist into your mind...
What you need is not an escape, nor a temporary drug:
what you need is a radical psychological revolution..
and that radical r-evolution can be achieve by the establishment of a profound and honest communication with your depression... cutting off anxiety and fear !
I will tell you a story regarding suicidal thoughts:
a story of guy from Belgium who called me in the middle of the night 2 years ago...
So I went there and I immediately realized he wanted to kill himself (a rope on the roof, long letters ready to be sent to the parents and friends and so on)..
We had a long conversation all night long...
The day after he was ok..
Then he came back after one year to visit me...
He was fine... but he told me a magical thing:
he said:
-"it's not that now i'm not longer depressed... but that night I had a shift !
Because I realized that before I was a victim of my depression and I tried to escape it in all possible ways... from meditation to alcohol and drugs... from motivational stuff up to chemical medications... but nothing worked.. because by escaping my depression I was shaping myself into the victim of my depression...
So my shift was that before I used to be a victim of my depression... while after that night and now : I am the observer of my depression ! ... And actually my depression, now, became a very good indicator and tool to understand my life and what i'm going through "-

Do you understand the intensity of this quality ?
The quality of talking totally and in full understanding with our depression being no longer a victim nor a slave of the hell you described ?
Do you get it ?
The flower hidden within depression ?
You can call me weird or hard to understand... but if you feel, even if gradually, ..if you feel and perceive the fibrillating act of growing of psychological understanding and life... as like the little blade of grass does during its path to break the asphalt... if you move beyond the mist of anxiety and fear... then what you feel... even if for a single moment.. is freedom !
Freedom of the mind !
What you need is a psychological revolution, not an escape

I'm wondering about the very psycho-existential ingredients of suicidal thinking... 
What is suicide beyond its value ? 
What's suicide after all ? 
The very moment we give a value to the act of ending our physical life is the moment in which we are already killing ourselves..
It's a paradox: 
we give value to the end of life as an ultimate liberation from the despair of living ..
but this value is exactly what shapes our desperation in living our mind ...

There was a person yesterday who has been condemned to the capital sentence in the US..
The deadly injection was supposed to work in less than few seconds.. but something went wrong and that person suffered for 42 minutes straight until a stroke, due to immense physical pain, ended the life of that person.. 
That miserable person, (miserable 'cause he killed a 19 years old girl years ago) surely faced what the relevance of suicide is all about when death is about to come inexorably but for some reasons it waits for a very long time of pain and despair.. 

Death comes anyways, then why do we give such a bombastic relevance to suicide when the whole life seems to fall apart ?
The very moment in which we desire suicide we are already killing ourselves ! 
And suicide takes place in so different modalities anyways..

Do you not commit suicide when you sink your whole mind and existence into a belief system ? 
Isn't perhaps a form of suicide when we adopt the suggestions given to us by a guru, by a cult, by an institutionalized belief system 'cause we are not able to handle and maybe not even willing to handle our whole mind ...therefore we desperately cling to the act of searching possible ''anchors'' outwardly ?
This is suicide !

Isn't suicide a belief ?
It is !

Suicide is entirely psychological .. 
but we weren't born with this belief.. isn't it so ?
This should make us think about what follows :
Suicide is 100% psychological activity:
this means that suicide is thought..
this means that suicidal thoughts shape the idea of suicide..
This means that the idea of suicide becomes our idea of our life the way out of which is represented by its end .. right ?
This means that we proceed, during suicidal thoughts, in a psychological way which is exactly the opposite the many use to follow everyday ..

Now, I do know that it's complicate but please; look what's happening to us:

The many have the tendency to develop and adopt a belief system:
a belief system is an idea.. and nothing but an idea..
This means that a belief has a beginning and an end (as like each idea does)..
Problem is that people want to see the beginning of that idea only... and not its end ..

Suicide thinking is an idea as well.. but it works upside-down :
the suicidal mind, indeed, wants to see only the end of this idea which is considered the ''solution'' to a problem called ''life''.. and not its beginning (which is the most important part of this whole dirty thing)..

regarding both the cases: 
beliefs in general and suicidal beliefs...

can one see the whole fragment of the idea ?
Can you see profoundly, intelligently, radically the very beginning where that idea took roots ?
Can you see the whole fragmentation that idea produced into your mind ?

Because if you can see the whole fragmentation of that belief .. without thinking through the thoughts that created that fragment .. 
then you are psychologically free :
it's freedom ! 

Suicide is burdensome but easy .. 
The mind is always complicated ..

One wants to kill himself..
but there are already so many people who are killing themselves in the world and they do not even know it...
Religious people kill themselves..
Spiritual followers commit suicide..
Materialistic, ideological minds : the same path ..
and so on..

As long we give a value to a possible (conditioned) way of living (including suicide) the we allow the value to kill our psychological freedom progressively ..
The suicidal person is indeed already committing suicide ..
What about to kill the value rather than our whole life ?

As long as we do not understand our whole mind.. not through an illusion of this and that god.. nor through a practice, a discipline whatsoever .. neither through spiritual illusions and confabulations of nothingness .. but rather radically, through radical intelligence , .. 
....we will be always on the edge of desperate confusion . 

It doesn't matter what brought us to the condition to desire the acceleration of the end of our life: 
it is not life what is killing us progressively... 
but rather the value we give to the sum of never wholly faced fears we accumulated along the years.. isn't it true ?

Such accumulation is that real massive pain from which we want to escape ... not life !

So a question is now and here imperative :

have we ever inquired wholly in that accumulation ?
Or have we been constantly busy in the act of condemning life is this tangibly miserable human world ?

Because the world is what it is .. 
But the responsible of that accumulation of pain and inward psychological mess is our own mind ..
It is not life what we should escape ... but rather our accumulation of messy thoughts .. 
and the only way to escape it .. is the total understanding and dismantling of our accumulation ..
Suicide is easy ... but petty ..
The mind is complicated and vast ..

The choice is up to us.. 

But never forget that there are serious possibilities that the mind maybe survives to the suicide ..
then there's no way to kill ourselves one more time ..

Think about these things ...


To fully understand, intelligently, the topic of depression which is a dominant and massive topic nowadays:

To understand the totality of this matter we must point out very clearly the 2 radical points as follows:

1) It is known that depression is and behaves as a chemical unbalancing in the brain... but the main question is:
is really depression only a chemical unbalancing in the brain ?
Is that all ?
It's all about chemistry ?
If so... I wonder what a "right" chemical balancing in the brain is supposed to be.. where it supposed to lead socially and personally ...and how much the need of our social system, morality and common standars influence our own idea and perception regarding a "balanced social psychological " also known as 'normality

During the comunistic regime in Russia a way of thinking against the regime was considered as a mental disease or due to severe states of depression and stress... therefore it was necessary to cure it through precise medicines (as permanganate and roipnol) so to "re-calibrate" the supposed unbalancing of the brain..

In some part of the Scandinavian countries the belief in whatsoever god is almost considered a delusional state of the mind linked to depression and psychological delusional insecurity and therefore to a "chemical unbalancing" in the brain..

In the Taliban territories in Afghanistan the absence of the belief in Allah in one's mind is considered equal to a mental disease therefore it has to be 'cured' through impositions.

2) The brain and it's product (the mind) is a constant chemical balancing and unbalancing:
when you watch at something that gives you emotions you create electromagnetic, neuronal and chemical movements in the brain..

When you think at thoughts that give you discomfort you create electromagnetic, neuronal and chemical movements in the brain..

When you have ups and downs you create electromagnetic, neuronal and chemical movements in the brain..
When you live in a extremely sick society as like our societies are, filled by impositions, authorities, conditioning's, traditions and manipulations of all kinds, if you are more sensitive and more emotional and not yet a human robot, (then unfortunately so often), the ups and downs become progressively out of balance...
not because you are sick..
but because the system in which you live, the conditioning's installed within your mind since you were a kid and the consequential psychological confusions... are all sick factors, psychologically, intimately, unconsciously and consciously...
and, yes, this creates a chemical unbalancing in the brain...
it's not a disease: it's a conflict between a natural life and a pressured life of fakeness and impositions.

Have you ever thought why we use to talk at mental insanity in the human mind as a problem... ans so often at social insanity in a social system as 'progress' ?

Look at the stock market places :
can you see some tracks of mental disease in there ?
or having a huge house with many rooms and one person living in it thats also a mental disease
'cause what I see in there is a very very scary unbalancing of the brain...
but in that case is considered 'normal' or even an aspired goal the definition of success to many... no medicines are required if not to improve such a craziness ...such as cocaine perhaps

In such a insane society... then your electromagnetic, neuronal and chemical movements in the brain become more and more weak, unstable and unbalanced.

The reason of depression is to be found in the relationship between individuals and their social system and system of conditioning's ...
not just in the brain:
the defection in the brain is just the effect, not the source.

If we think that depression can be cured by only a "re-balancing" of the "unbalancing" in the brain by using medicines and that's all.. we actually ignore the real root of depression fomenting the insanity of society and that's a crime.
You are not a human robot: you are a human being..
Think of these things

During anxiety or depression the big concern is the way out, the solution.

Let's focus intelligently in the sentence above:
During anxiety or depression or both.. the big preoccupation is to find out a solution..
Make sense right ?

But look at this psycho-mechanics carefully:

When we are anxious or depressed or both we seek for the solution.
Along this way of thinking we trigger, obviously, two vital environments:

1) The cerebral one (chemistry, electromagnetism and neuronal environment of the brain).
2) The psychological one (thoughts, emotions, perceptiveness, intellect, memories and so on).

What does it mean ?

It means that during a state of psychological discomfort the psyche is almost entirely focused on the possible solutions.. and not at all on the discomfort itself and its psychological mechanics of thoughts and emotions.

It's like if we want to get rid of an 'enemy' without even knowing the entity, shape, behavior and characteristics of that enemy.

So, psychologically, in case of mental discomfort, we are almost entirely focused on the stratagems required to exit that status…
but not on the status itself and its dynamics.

Whatever solution comes to the mind,
...whatever path we will follow in order to get out of anxiety or depression, (whether philosophical, spiritual, pharmacological, psychotherapeutic or drugged path)
… the solution will always comes from the external world..
not from the very essence of our mind.

Therefore: whatever the solution is, the solution will represent just another layer... as like the layers of concrete the Chernobyl's sarcophagus requires continuosly...

Then we must consider the effects that the discomfort, the searching for the solution and the experiencing of failure (in the case the solution wont work) or the experiencing of fear to lose the benefits (in the case the solution works) to the psychological and cerebral environment.

We do know the effects created by this status to the psychological environment (discomfort + searching for solutions).
And we do know how this status affects the cerebral architecture in term of chemical processes, electromagnetic mutations and neuronal activity.

So by considering this matter, even from a scientific point of view, we must inquire in what follows:
If the psychological discomfort and the consequential searching of solutions are capable to create modifications in the brain..
then we must assume that also a psychological attitude aimed to liberate the mind from all psychological toxins such as beliefs, comparison and attachment with the past and conditioning's of all kinds.. must be considered capable to modify the brain.. therefore the wholeness of the mind..
therefore the psycho-genetics of future generations.
In other words:
freedom from the known, freedom from beliefs and to think without conditioning's represent the end of psychological fear...
and the end of psychological-existential fear can modify the human brain and sooner or later, it can erase that human attitude to create traumas, dramas, conflicts, disconnections, violence and mind control and manipulations of all kinds (as like history suggests).

In short:
psycho-confusion & searching for solutions (no matter if this leads to anxiety, fear and depression or simply to an ordinary state of (hidden) confused and conditioned psychological life also known as "normality") can modify the brain creating particular chemical, electromagnetic and neuronic environments.

Therefore freedom of the mind and in the mind can operate through modifications of the brain as well.

The 'mechanics of solutions' cannot free up the mind ...'cause whatever the solution is, the solution comes from outside..
therefore it contains inexorably a conditioning.

The 'mechanics of psychological liberation of the mind' is rather dissolution… which is the dismantling of conditioning's and the flowering of freedom within the psyche.

this is why we set up the EOF project. for more information /



Have you ever thought on the fact in which, in case of psychological discomfort and lack of understanding, no matter what you tried and try.. nothing ever worked and nothing will ever work in order to get out of the mental mist ?

Have you ever thought on how it would be your psyche today if your mind had never been conditioned since the very beginning of your experiencing of life ?
I mean: the mind of the kid... evolved into the mind of the adult.. along a evolutionary path with no conditioning agents in the middle, nor fragmentation of any kind...
How would such a mind appear ?
Can you think at the way such a mind would think ?

To understand what the act of thinking through and by a pure & free mind means; we must accept a drastic realization..
and this realization is the total understanding of the reality in which, most of our daily psychological life, we think without thinking..

Yes: we think without thinking !

What does it mean 'we think without thinking' ?

It means that our act of thinking is not, in its majority, an act of thinking:
it is an act of picking up thoughts, psychological models and mental social shapes formulated by others.
We do not think: we pick up, we fish thoughts and model of behavior.

It is not thinking what we do, psychologically, along our mental life:
it is an act of processing informations, by using what we have been told, and filtering them through our traumas and dramas and justifications, adopting the mental 'shock-absorbers' of the common sense, the morality, the religious values even when we are not religious and so on:
That's the psychological life we created..
as well the reason for which craziness spreads among men and within the mind...

We do not tend to think and to find our for ourselves:
we pick up models, then we translate them, intellectually, shaping those models through the filter of our identity... then this mixture shapes what we think our personality is... while, in truth, identity and personality are nothing but the characters of a social movie in which the system wants us to be...
no matter if we become anarchists, emo, perfect citizens, men of faith, aristocratic, spiritual people or hippies...

We think then we speak, "cogito ergo sum".. but what we think and share is not (mostly) our psychological material;
it comes from outside,
from the homologation of thoughts
and from what our past is constantly suggesting us;
that's not thinking, it's picking up, then repeating in different forms previous models created by other people, by the system, by the schemes of thinking we learned.

The mind we use is merely a product of the connubium of society & past;
It is not an original mind, nor a pure intelligence, neither a free psyche:
it is an invaded mind: it's a matrix mind; the prisoner and the jailer at the same time... living together into a psychological place in which the need of isolation and the need to belong to something are always in conflict and most of this conflict takes place in that mental abyss also know as subconscious psyche.

The dog has been told that he was a sheep and now he thinks he's a sheep..

One's mind has been told to be a "christian", a "russian", a "communist", a "worker", a "patriot", a "spiritual being", a "musician", an "identity", a "consumer", a "citizen" of 'fakenessland'... and now that's exactly the filter one's mind uses to think at his psycho-existential life..

To realize this dramatic reality, the conditioned platform in which our psyche works, thinks and lives daily, to move a step toward a possible communion with the mind we never had...

Each psychological step taken in that direction is a tangible, not-philosophical, realistic act of dismantling the matrix mind... moving toward psychological freedom..

Think on these things...
but while thinking...
do not pick up :
but rather find out for yourself !


The end of depression doesn't come through a medicine,
surely it doesn't come through the act of praying,
no matter how much you worship your divinities; depression still there…
It doesn't come through the willingness to move to India looking for the enlightened guru who can teach you the mystical way…

Throw "The Secret" away,
throw the rosary away,
throw the law of attraction away,
free yourself from all illusions,
push away the negative hell and the positive paradise,
erase all hopes in the ascension whatsoever,
delegitimize all spiritual speakers within the brain, the channellers, the puppets, the scams, the kundalini dispensers of nothingness, the fake 'galactic federation of illusory light'...
No doctors can help either
Let the external metaphysic stratagems rolling away from your mountain of fear and confusions... that's not what you need..
: the end of depression cannot be found in easy superficial motivational keys..

You cannot find the end of depression in a positive way of thinking 'cause to be positive in a human world in decay is, so often, to become the puppet of ourselves… wanting to see reality when it's convenient…
being blind when is not pleasant…

It doesn't come by breathing properly, nor be adopting a certain posture of the body…
Obviously it cannot come through the belonging to a certain culture, community, sect, ideal, political idea or revolutionary attitude whatsoever…

You can travel all over the globe, you can meet the most extraordinary human beings.. you can come across the Dalai Lama
… depression will be always your heavy luggage, you shadow and the ropes that tie up your spirit…

Turn around your mind..
sense what you cannot see…
smell what you never heard from & within your psyche…
set up a daring thinking...
the act of thinking you never had..

The end of depression doesn't come from the action of changing the mind…
a reprogramming of the psyche in nothing but a dangerous scam…

The end of depression doesn't arrive by moving from a structure of thought into another one so to be reprogrammed again…

It doesn't manifest itself by singing mantras…
nor by crystals, tibetan bells or sacred geometries..

there are no spiritual solution possibly able to end depression…
nor intellectual ones, neither philosophical ones..
and not even the suicidal exit can solve the issue..
'cause first of all you are thinking energy.. not just a human computer..

no bottles of whiskey, nor weed, nor ayahuasca, neither drugs will never end depression;
they will just hide the dirt under your tired an exhausted carpet of your tired and exhausted consciousness…
the end of depression will never come by learning…
no; it wont…

because the end of depression springs out from the complete understanding of fear...
but the whole comprehension of fear is a vast psychological ocean to face & inquire... it's filled by "psycho-socio-chemical artificial fishes" also known as conditioning's...

surely there are no comfortable strategies to face the 'under psychowater' inquisition of consciousness & mind.....
therefore the mind must be like a solid submarine and the big deal is to avoid, totally & absolutely, illusions & distractions

When depression comes, then arduous is the process of bringing it toward its dissolution, however, when it's not clinical depression of course, one wonders if along the depressing process the many of us are merely wandering around or rather become willing to intelligently wonder about what is the part in our depression, in our stress or anxiety and fears and so on, played by the very acknowledge of it, the ''knowing to be depressed'', meaning:
do I know my depression ?
Or I've known it, its dynamics and movements ?
Aside the causes, whether events or abstractions, do I know the actual structure of those thought processes, or it's mostly my depression fomented by the fact in which I've known many depressing yesterdays in which I went through ?
This means: is it the very history of our depression, the position of knowing it more than analysing it, what plays the biggest work along the development and the stasis of this unwanted cognitive phenomenology ?
Do we know that we are depressed and therefore willing to investigate in such a state of mind ?
Or do we know the history of our depression along many yesterdays and out of that mere knowledge, with no analysis of it, we preserve the whole unbeneficial scaffolding of thought processes ?
what is the part, the percentage of the struggle caused and played by the mere acknowledgement of depression, and what is instead the actual depression ?
It's pretty much like when one fears unreasonably death, a young person perhaps, a subject that has no reasons whatsoever to fear it: what is the part of the struggle caused by the mere memory of death and what is instead the actuality of that fear ?
In other words: what is the part along the depressing state of mind which is caused by mere memories ?
And what would happen if one inquires intelligently about the quality of his or her own relationship with his or her own memories ?
Think about these things..

      On Depression