Refining The Way We Think
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Being in evolution, the mind is limited.. and regardless of what the future will bring, the mind will be always limited and that's life.
There is no such thing as final ''enlightenment'' whatsoever which is not just anti-evolutionary, but even offensive to our intelligences 'cause it actually suggests a final petrification of the psyche the limbo of which would be nothing but the result of a patinated stasis, personally and collectively.

The ''illumination'', indeed, represents the ultimate cementification of the psyche, as well the final consolidation of the millenary desire of men to escape they whole psychological life itself..
Wherever there is the urge of illumination, there is the evident indication which suggests the reality in which man seems to be not able to handle his whole psychological activity.. therefore always busy in the constant act of clinging to what he believes to be more than what he is psychologically:
it's simply too much, the mind is too complicated, too vast, mysterious and dynamic..
so better to excogitate a system, a structure of thinking, a methodology and a belief aimed to bring the whole mind to a final shining prison in which what's done is done and nothing evolves anymore..

The mind is limited and so it must and it will be forever and ever .. and that's evolution 'cause evolution has no destination..

One may feels a sense of loneliness, then he or she gets maybe upset by reading these contents.. but such person must extrapolate the lymph of intelligence present in his or her mind.. from the swamp of conditioning's and ultimate hopes that are there to tied up the whole psyche to the constant act of exploiting itself by the search of false existential destinations..

Life has no destination.
The mind has no destination.
Evolution with destination is the end of the mind.
Evolution with no destination is nothing but the very mathematical core of life itself and intelligence.
There is not such thing as ''enlightenment'', nor there are purposes in life, or meanings, or senses..
We have been suppressed for millennia because of this illusions..
There is just evolution of intelligence.

By talking rhetorically, just for a little while:
men always sought for ''positive'' things the ultimate vision of them is the conceptualization of final enlightenment right ?
So man fought for thousands of years the ''negative'' state of mind..
that state of negation one can feel along its discomfort .. which springs out from his or her discontent..
It has been a millenary war against negation, against discontent .. through so many attempts to control the human psychological disorder but without any understanding of it at all if not just manifested through philosophical elucubrations..

Man camouflaged his own disorder with a false order made by expectation, beliefs, faiths and hopes.. therefore generating control and everlasting confusion, pain and conflicts .. always seeking for the final answer to come...

Man fought negation but, again, by using a rhetorical word; negation is the most 'positive' state of mind, not positive assertion, 'cause negation implies intelligent evolution, and evolution of intelligence has no existential answers: just questions: that's the very machinery of intelligence.

The positive attitude separates... as well it brings about the negative one:
indeed each controlled ''positive thinking'', which implies a posture of the mind, a psychological ritual of inattentiveness and negligence, contains the germ of its opposite therefore what springs out can be nothing but disconnection.. up to disgraced absence of intelligence as we can clearly detect in the modern new age scenario..

The existential process of thinking cannot be concluded 'cause it's evolving..
Therefore the very psychological negation of any sort of enlightenment, or final destination, or ultimate truth whatsoever and so on .. is an act of cutting of the chain of conditioning's and mental opium that tied up the mind to the anti-evolutionary stasis in which the mind of men has been trapped for millennia

Think about these things



I want to show to other people how the 'spiritual/new age opium' works in the mind of the modern spiritual followers of this syncopated delusion called new age.
First of all I invite you to think profoundly in what you said…
I mean: to think with the thinker, not with delusional thoughts,
nor with illusory channeling's whatsoever:

You said:

I translate in this way:


Please, please ! :
Reflect in what you just said:
I mean : one point by one …
it' required for your mental health:

You say: "all are valid"
I've been hearing this new age mantra from so many drugged people including a lady who owns a radio station in US proclaiming to millions of followers that 'all is love' and 'all paths are valid'…

I asked to that lady, during a conversation:
'do you mean that also the hitler's path, the stalin's path and the holy inquisition's path, or a taliban's path that considers a woman less important than a cow… or a serial killer's path... are valid as well ?'

And she said :
'yes: all path are valid because in a way or another everything is love operating in different ways'

Well; can you see what kind of psychological cancer these idiotic beliefs install in the mind of people ?
Have you ever checked the curve of depression and mental illness in the world nowadays and especially among those who are involved in the new age scenario of nothingness :
I suggest you to check it so to have an idea regarding where we are dragging the next generation... 'cause the curve it's tremendously high…
rising everyday.

Regarding your channeling-thing who suggested and inspired you to post pictures of galaxies labeling them as places for "beings of love and light" :

I'm wondering if you and your channeling-thing know what exactly a galaxy is..
because I do not really suggest you to enter a galaxy…
Not even the doctor Spock from Star Trek would do that…
because the center of a galaxy, especially when its young, is a mastodontic hell of collapsing-exploding-dissolving stars, nebula, gasses and radiations of all kind .. and who knows what else...
all swirling together in a massive storm of energy and cosmic vibrations impossible to be imagine by the human psyche…
He who call this 'love' is simply a drugged fool:
'cause this is not love : this is simply life, energy..
and life and energy do not care on any human concept of love whatsoever:
Nature doesn't care on love ! Not at all:
a tiger eats a gazelle: that's life, not love..
If you doubt it, then ask to the gazelle or the tiger if they felt some love whatsoever !
A vampire star, or a black hole, or a exploding supernova who leaves all of its planet in darkness forever…
they do not know anything about love: just about life & energy !

Can you see the syncopated mediocrity within the human mind when the human mind verbalizes everything ?:
your concept of love is mere verbalization:
it is a 100% intellectualized drug installed into your mind by the new age drug dealers of nothingness …
and this happened, most likely, because you always refused to face the very real reality in which the urge of "spiritual needs of love, light and "shanti shanti" things grows and born where there is psychological suffering, existential confusion and fear:
the hunger of spiritual needs is an indication of fear!
To ignore and to avoid the facing with that fear is to sink the mind into a swamp of spiritual hebetude...

I tell you a story:
a story of a girl, friend of mine, who lived right at the center of Amazonian for 2.5 years (in a farm)…
It was a place where everything tries to eat everything:
even the butterflies attack you trying to eat a part of you..

It is a place in which if you want to sit down… your have just few seconds to do that… because immediately an army of insects comes to you… hoping to get something for dinner…

She was living in a farm in which everyday there was an attack by the jaguars and caymans.. not to say that she had to take off dozens of tics from her body everyday…
But anyways she wanted to experience that as a personal choice …

Well, one day she had to take care of a group of people who came by bus to live there for a while…
She immediately realized how those people where new age people..
The moment they got out of the bus they immediately began to say nonsense-verbalized things like
-"oh my: everything is love here … i'm about to cry because of such a poignant nature gift of god"
.. and blah blah blah…
So, within 1 minute, or maybe less, a tsunami of insects came trying to get their part of daily blood…
The new age people simply freaked out …
the concept of 'love' turned immediately into a very very natural tangible fear…
then they jumped inside the bus and they escaped…

Duration of the "spiritual experience" in the middle of Amazonia where everything is love ? : Less than a minute !

'Cause that is a place where life and death go together:
life nourishes death and death nourishes life and that's simply life itself: while 'love and light' are mere superficial verbalized acts of labeling nature with superficial human intellectualized values..
made by dumbed down minds…
victims of the new age or religious hebetude.

Never mistake nature and energy with love !

When I see a galaxy: I see energy, not love.
When I see a jungle: I see life.. with all of its poignant beauty and its naturally scary dangerousity:
that's live ! not love, not light, nither 'shanti shanti' nothingness

To say that "all is one" is to imply our superficiality, our confusions, our fears as well … our idiocy, our misery as primitive human beings and all other black holes into our consciousness…
otherwise we are simply modern psychologically inconsistent fools!

Think about these thinks..
But think radically, intelligently, profoundly and with no conditioning's…
Forget the channeling thing and all other drugs… and think with the thinker which is the wholeness of your mind liberated from all conditioning's, spiritual ambitions, attachment of all kinds, new age viruses and what you have been told...
Then, perhaps, we can talk again..

Can there be a sort of OCD involved in spiritual, religious or ideological activities, patterns, mindsets and beliefs ?
I had a friend from Java long ago, he was muslim, an intelligent person; actually a business man; polite, sober, clever, social, well educated..
This person had a problem with dogs, and the fact was that he was living in Bali, a place populated by so many street dogs.
The problem was that when and if a dog touched that guy he had to run back home and clean himself 7 times.. due to the ''impurity'' of the dogs..
What about those students in the Middle East that when it comes when to study the pig during the lessons of natural history they are not even allowed to see pictures inherent in how pigs actually look like !?
Perhaps one says; ''well; but these are extreme examples''..
Yes they are, however; one should investigate deeply and fully in this business, aside the extreme examples..
Now, no matter how scandalously a person might receives this inquiry,
but as a matter of fact all spiritual, religious or ideological activities, patterns, mindsets and beliefs are actually more or less forms of OCD disorders, have you ever seen such analogy which is both a historical and a personal fact ?
Are not all of those self-replicating mantras, the necessities to replicate the ceremonies, the celebrations, the offerings, the activities intertwined with symbols and superstitious repetitions, meditations, mantras, acts of following the ideological leaders, the gurus, the priests, the acts of clinging to particular practices, techniques, ablutions, countless ways to pray, the ''breatharianism'', the ''inedia'', the gullible foolishness to rely to the ''prana'', the illusory ''spiritual connections'' between certain postures of the body and some sort of ''higher self'' whatsoever, the mechanic willingness to watch a video inherent in ''how to bring a spiritual awakening'' after another and all the acts of everlasting gullibility that spring out of desperation, of mental suffering, of psychological confusion or even despair of living and existing,
aren't all of those activities merely forms of psycho-behavioural, cognitive, subjective and collective OCD protocols ?
If we look carefully into this matter, and carefully means without relaying or clinging to semantic sophisms evoking stuff like ''religious sensitivity'' or ''spiritual feelings'' or searches for meaning in life and so on, then perhaps we can really see how and how much dull the whole picture inherent in religious, idealistic and spiritual mindsets actually is.
Now, can a person acknowledge the syncopated dynamics in which the structure of thought tends to replicate itself almost compulsively and obsessively ?
When one checks so many times in the door is locked, for example, or when it comes to wash the hands and so on..
The usual OCD is after all easily detectable..
Then can also the religious, the idealistic, the spiritual OCD, the one related to pride, the one involved in the whole structure of oneself's personality, be actually, rationally, intelligently detected, understood and dismantled ?

Can a person be very fresh, capable to understand intelligently what it is if that person is caught in a holistic or spiritual or ideological or religious or sectarian or belief/based (and so on) mentality ?
The answer is not, which is a fact..
And fact is that most of us, aside the pragmatic daily problems of course which must not be ignored out of fantasies and confabulated hopes of various kind, do not search out reality, but rather rely and go after the gratification delivered by activities of buying into this or that, whether it be all about spiritual sugar coated words and bland concepts of ''mystical'' nothingness, or old religious boxes, or shallow materialism as an escape, or maniacal ideas, fabrication of conspiracy enemies everywhere and the modern cult of ''cleverness'' in which so many people nowadays sink in order to feel safe and superior..
It seem that so many of us would rather rely to the nonsensical speculations of the exploiting ''psychic'' next door or found in the internet, or the reassuring guru who tells us that it's everything ok, rather than question and rationally and intelligently face and understand reality for what reality actually is, both inwardly and outwardly..
Out of this cognitive weakness we search for illusory means supposedly aimed to fill up our sense of being lost and meaningless, with no self observation about it and no questioning, and then out of it, directly or less, we inexorably shape leaders, spiritual leaders, motivational leaders, new religious masters or merely the entrusting toward drugs of all kind to ''tell us the story'', the ''what to do'', the ''what to think'', but there is no thinking mind in this, nor phenomenological cognition, neither sober intelligence, just conditioned dependence..
When we realise that our confusion becomes food for the appetites of the existential leaders, sects and cults and new religions or various ideals, then would we persist ?
Or would we instead use the energies spent in such a tremendous waste of cognition in order to re-use them for something more productive, which means the clarity of our intelligence ?
when a person claims to be without ego, urm, didn't you notice they seem
to be the greatest egomaniacs? higher energy, ascended christ
conscious, buddhic enlightened, narcissism in more cases than you may
care to admit. And I would not say it's always the case, but often it
seems that religion and spirituality plays so much on desires that it is
made to be used as a way of not dealing with reality. Those who don't
do it often are just looking for an escape, a distraction, a way to not
worry about money, work, or family issues, and yet many are quitting
reality to some large degree to chase the ego which they claim to
surpass or reject. -by Robert Lester

Einstein stated: -''imagination is more important than knowledge''-..
and then rhetorical illusionists of nowadays such as new agers, motivational mumbo jumbists and all the rest of that kidnapped that statement by making it into their gullible slogan to be delivered to their credulous followers..

However; what do we mean by imagination ?
Since imagination plays a tremendous role in our life, then is there possible to use that daily imagination skillfully ?
So, is our daily process of imagination logically skillful ?
Or is it something that rather prevents the sober perception of what's going on.. by generating paranoias for example, illusions, false dreams, gullible architectures of thinking, cognitive hallucinations and so many distortions and so on ?
Isn't it important to comprehend what is actually happening in our mind without any assumption, speculation, fanciful thoughts ?
If we neglect this enormous necessity then we perhaps can be incredibly imaginative, some sort of artists and even geniuses perhaps.. but maybe deeply messed up, isn't it so ?
Look at the great imagination of this or that comedian for example: look at the astonishing quality to imagine and to set up jokes and the most cunningly intelligent gags.. but inwardly such person goes through a deep everlasting pain perhaps.. just like so many comedians are actually experiencing and lived painfully..
If one highlights in full attention the what it is, or at least with and through the whole attention one can give to it, then the distortion that causes the problem, not just the problem which is merely the outcome, becomes very visible.. then the study of it can effectively come into being.. tangibly, not fancifully or poetically or theoretically or philosophically or merely ''mumbo-jumbistically''..
So what is what shapes imagination, the daily forms of imagination ?
And what is what that imagination shapes.. daily, weekly, yearly.. (which is what so often, when in lack of such a necessary analysis, becomes consolidation of irrational beliefs and nonsensical psychological and psychosocial patterns) ?
Think about these very important things..

The New Age