Refining The Way We Think
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Skill level:                                All Levels
Language:                               English
Lectures:                                 15

Video:                                       2.5 hours
Available on:                           iOS and Android & Desktop
Certificate of Completion

This is a minicourse that helps the person/student's cognition to evaluate arguments properly without sinking into biases: 

it helps to analyse and comprehend the consistency of arguments, their veracity, plausibility, logicality or illogicality. 
It is fundamental to raise ones qualitative thinking in order to identify and understand which information to trust and what to discard both inwardly and outwardly. It is very important to understand how to detect the psychological, social and popular fallacies, the broken logic and the defective arguments in order to prevent unnecessary/irrational cognitive positions and consequential possible problems. 
This minicourse combines critical thinking with the understanding of memetics, metacognitive approaches, metamemetic thinking skills and applied rationality. 

What you’ll learn
Critical thinking abilities, problem solving, accurate logical fallacy detection, applied rationality

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Being willing to challenge personal beliefs, thoughts and ideas and to accept criticism.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who is interested in personal development and in developing accurate reasoning processes

Note 1:

The understanding of contents in the course can be extended via private voice classes.
If the candidate is interested in this possibility then please go to contact page

Note 2: 
The course includes 1 hour explanatory voice class (free) aimed to provide further understanding and q/a regarding the 
course's contents.  

Payment is done via Udemy

EUR 19.99