Refining The Way We Think
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  1.                                               Individual or Group Classes


    Critical thinking is REALLY essential, specifically today. Critical thinking unfortunately 

    doesn’t work or works only sporadically*.
    (*This is a fact verified by international academic studies).

    What these classes have to offer?

    This is an efficient combination of critical thinking  +  metacognition  +  memetics  +  metamemetics  +  multilogical thinking.

    What is this and what does it mean?

    This is a productive, dynamic and efficient mix of different approaches aimed to provide a strong contribution to the development of high other thinking skills.

    Do I have to be well educated in order to be compatible with this?

    No, however you will acquire some necessary and relevant academic notions and tools.

    Why this approach works more efficiently than critical thinking?

    Because the interfacing of these different tools within the same approach implements
    critical thinking itself providing less mono-methodological skills (nevertheless required) and more dynamic plurilogical understanding and logical fallacies detection.

    How does this work?

    Differently from the sessions the classes do not have a specific number you have to
    stick with: you can take one or more classes or an unlimited number of classes
    depending on your learning expectations.
    The classes focus more on the understanding of the technical aspects of applied
    critical thinking, metacognition, memetics and metamemetic thinking.
    However the suggested minimum number of classes is at least ten classes.

40 Euro / hour

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